Today: Saturday, 24 February 2018.
Sea Freight

N.M. MED-CARGO FREIGHT LOGISTICS LTD’s main business is the transport of various goods in containers by sea. In co-operation with our agents / representatives worldwide, we offer the best service to our clients ...
Air Freight

Recently, N.M. MED-CARGO FREIGHT SERVICES LTD among the other services which are provided, has now started a new service on the Air Freight shipments..
Inland Transportation

Based on the demands of our clients, N.M. MED-CARGO FREIGHT LOGISTICS LTD has imported a new service and expanded it’s already existing services by creating a whole new department for the Logistics ...

Cargo Insurance

If you are interested only on the purchase and sale of the goods, then please allow us to cover all the details of your shipment, as well as the marine insurance. Our Marine Insurance department can provide any kind of insurance for any type / kind of cargo at the cost of your preference.

All the insurance documents are prepared by our office on the same day of the shipment. Just give us the opportunity to proceed with the insurance of your goods with the right certificate at the lowest cost.


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