Today: Saturday, 24 February 2018.
Sea Freight

N.M. MED-CARGO FREIGHT LOGISTICS LTD’s main business is the transport of various goods in containers by sea. In co-operation with our agents / representatives worldwide, we offer the best service to our clients ...
Air Freight

Recently, N.M. MED-CARGO FREIGHT SERVICES LTD among the other services which are provided, has now started a new service on the Air Freight shipments..
Inland Transportation

Based on the demands of our clients, N.M. MED-CARGO FREIGHT LOGISTICS LTD has imported a new service and expanded it’s already existing services by creating a whole new department for the Logistics ...

Logistics & Distribution

MedCargo is proud to announce our complete range of warehousing and distribution services. Whether you want to raise your service quality, change to a variable cost structure or reduce inventory, our people and systems are ready to help you achieve these goals.

Turn distribution challenges into competitive advantages for your company. As your supply chain partner, MedCargo can provide the complete warehousing and distribution solution. From pick and pack operations to pallet load shipping, our state-of-the-art warehouse and automated distribution capabilities will set you apart from your competition.

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