Today: Saturday, 24 February 2018.
Sea Freight

N.M. MED-CARGO FREIGHT LOGISTICS LTD’s main business is the transport of various goods in containers by sea. In co-operation with our agents / representatives worldwide, we offer the best service to our clients ...
Air Freight

Recently, N.M. MED-CARGO FREIGHT SERVICES LTD among the other services which are provided, has now started a new service on the Air Freight shipments..
Inland Transportation

Based on the demands of our clients, N.M. MED-CARGO FREIGHT LOGISTICS LTD has imported a new service and expanded it’s already existing services by creating a whole new department for the Logistics ...
Company Profile

The main business of N.M. MED-CARGO FREIGHT LOGISTICS LTD is the transportation of various cargoes in containers by sea. In cooperation with our agents / representatives worldwide, we offer competitive prices and excellent service by using the most frequent routes which geographically cover the whole globe.

The volume of the containers that we handle, together with the quality of our clientele, places N.M. MED-CARGO FREIGHT LOGISTICS LTD as one of the leading companies in our field.

Responding to the needs of the market N.M. MED-CARGO FREIGHT LOGISTICS LTD is drastically involved in the groupage cargoes to and from the biggest ports in the world on weekly basis.

Our long experience, the know-how and the credibility of our personnel has created the right tools enabling N.M. MED-CARGO FREIGHT LOGISTICS LTD to become a leader not only to the shipping industry but also to the combined transport, which is highly preferred by the demands of our high profiled importers and exporters worldwide.

Our philosophy is based on our client’s needs and demands to provide better service and give alternative solutions to our clients. This is the reason why N.M. MED-CARGO FREIGHT LOGISTICS LTD is dynamically expanding and investing in all categories:

  • New and leading technical services which cover the whole transport sector
  • Further development of modern methods of directing the transport by trucking and controlling the cargoes through an On-Line system
  • Competitive rates to and from all destinations with the highest quality and lowest costs
Transport is an art of responsibility and reliability which is composed by the transporter’s ability to decrease the costs, create a balance between the factors of the transport system and to effectively direct these operations with the right “tools”. The results of our abilities are visible to our clients. Our company provides and distributes only high quality means of transport ... BY ALL MEANS.


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